SAP HANADEV 18 Certification Details:

Exam Name SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP HANA 2.0 SPS06
Exam Code C_HANADEV_18 » SAP HANADEV 18 Certification Online Practice Exam
Level Associate
Exam Price $519 (USD)
Duration 180 mins
Number of Questions 80
Passing Score C_HANADEV_18 – 61%
Reference Books HA150, HA300, HA450
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SAP HANADEV 18 Certification Exam Topics:


Topic Areas Topic Details, Courses, Books Weighting
SQLScript Development Explain the basic concepts and language features of SQLScript. Use the SQLScript wizard and editor. Use the SQLScript debugger. Use functions (including table and scalar functions), triggers, procedures, libraries in SQLScript.HA450 > 12%
Develop a Multi-Target Application Explain XSA application Command-Line client, XSA appliction administration and monitoring tools, Web IDE. Describe development using Server Side JavaScript with Node.js, how to create a Node.js module, and how to execute a Node.js module. Debug the Node.js application. Explain how to access the database. Explain the deployment process. Install SAP HANA 2.0, express edition.HA150, HA450 > 12%
Expose Data as OData Services Explain basic concepts of Odata in SAP HANA. Create an OData service, OData key specification, OData association, OData navigation properties, and custom exits in OData.HA150, HA300, HA450 > 12%
Use Calculation Views Explain/use SAP HANA calculation views, graphical calculation views, input parameters and variable of calculation views, join types, and table functions.HA300, HA450 > 12%
Create the Persistence Data Model Explain basic concepts of Core Data Services such as Core Data Services entity, Core Data Services context, Core Data Services association, Core Data Services view. Explain the SAP HANA Deployment Infrastructure (HDI). Import data to a table.HA300, HA450 8% – 12%
Create and Integrate the UI Explain basic concepts about the HTML5 module. Configure the Router to integrate the HTML5 module with back end. Explain basic SAPUI5 concepts and the structure of an SAPUI5 application. Create a basic SAPUI5 project.HA450 < 8%
Define Application Security Describe basic concepts of authorizations in an XSA application. Maintain application security in a multi-targetd application project.HA450 < 8%
Manage Source Code Using Git Use the Git source control system. Use GIT commands for version control.HA450 < 8%
Use Database Security Explain authorizations in the SAP HANA database. Create authorization roles within a multi-target application project. Use analytic privileges. Grant privileges for external objects within a multi-target application project.HA450 < 8%
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